POLIFILM and Israeli Embassy join forces to support Vietnam in the fight against Corona

Antiviral film donation for hospitals, banks and other institutions POLIFILM donates around 5.200 square meters of antiviral film to Vietnam and provides the installation service Donation as part of the aid package of the Israeli embassy in Vietnam The Films are effective against the Corona virus, but also against so-called hospital germs. Application in hospitals, […]

Protection for the return to the office

Many companies are getting their staff to return to the office after the recent lockdowns. In order to keep your staff and business partners as safe as possible, both physically and psychologically, bear in mind the following points: Communication is key! Inform your employees about your protective measures BEFORE they return to the office. Explain […]

Office management – your list should absolutely include this

If coffee cups, pens and Post-It notes dominated the office shopping list before Covid, from now on the following items should also be included in your office supply orders or specialist shop: Soap and disinfectant dispenser, ideally contactless Paper towel dispenser Mobile disinfection solutions for your sales representatives Mouth and nose protection for customers and […]

Best Practice: Antiviral films tested in a child daycare centre

Kinderstube, a private daycare nursery in Köthen, Saxony-Anhalt, has expanded its hygiene policy to include antiviral films. Surfaces that are frequently touched by young and old, such as handrails, door handles and benches, were covered with the film solution by the operator Ms. Stefanie Schnell-König herself. Her conclusion: “Attaching the films was super easy thanks […]

Reopening of fitness studios and sports clubs

Antiviral films offer improved hygiene and better protection during exercise Increased hygiene strategies for successful reopening Hygienic surfaces for staff and members in gyms, studios and sports clubs  When disinfection is sometimes not enough Eligible for Bridging Assistance III funding Whilst the first week of gym closures was torture for most fitness junkies, as we […]

The film is effective against these pathogens

ANTIVIRAL PROTECTION plus film – it’s more than just an anti-Covid film. The “plus” in the name stands for the multitude of other viruses and bacteria as well as the coronavirus that are reduced by the film on surfaces. It has also been tested according to the ISO standards 22196: 2011 (effectiveness against bacteria) and […]

Additional products and services for cleaning companies, facility and property managers

Expand your portfolio with antiviral films Cleanliness and hygiene have always been the core business of cleaning companies and specialists as well as facility and property managers. From cleaning corporate offices to cleaners for small businesses and private homes the importance, image and demand for cleaning services seems to have simply soared during the pandemic. […]

Overview of applications according to industry and area of application

https://youtu.be/icA5YugzB1c Tables and door handles aren’t the only contact surfaces that need protection! Here is a selection of potential uses and areas of application Tables, counters, work surfaces Book covers, menus, laminated work instructions Door handles, switches, hand rails, handles, lift buttons Equipment displays, office, kitchen and canteen equipment Shopping trolleys and baskets Taps, light […]

Hygiene strategy as a competitive edge

Turn a necessity into an advantage Hygiene strategies existed before the start of the pandemic. However, with the increased attention and need for safety and cleanliness in the era of COVID-19, business owners have a whole new way to take advantage of the time and money they invest into developing, adhering to and monitoring cleaning […]

Hygiene tips for the catering industry: beyond disinfectants

Hand washing and disinfection – restaurants, take-aways, bakeries and pubs understand that there’s more to hygiene strategies than just these two aspects. However, since there’s always something that can slip through the cracks even with the best hygiene routines, below is a short checklist of things to keep in mind to make the reopening as […]