Antiviral Films

Surface protection for trade, industry,
public sector and private users 

Sanitized surfaces for safe hygiene solutions

Whether at the office, on the factory floor, on public transport, withdrawing money or shopping – we come into contact with many surfaces potentially infected with pathogens. This is exactly where POLIFILM solutions come in. Our newly developed antiviral films demonstrably reduce the viral surface load of a multitude of pathogenic viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and bacteria. These films are available in a self-adhesive or non-adhesive version to help maintain more hygienic surfaces whilst reducing the risk of infection from contact areas in the process.

Reduces pathogens in between normal disinfection and cleaning routines

Our solution remains active for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus continuously reducing a multitude of pathogens even in between routine scheduled cleaning.

Protection – With or Without You!

Pre-cleaning, ensuring complete cleaning of all the surface areas, the correct dosage of cleaning product – these are all important factors for successful disinfection. Our film completely covers an area ensuring the consistent reduction of the number of pathogens on any given surface with just one application.

Protects those “forgotten” surfaces

Many regular cleaning routines do not include surfaces and objects such as jointly used equipment or even operating controls but these too can be easily protected with antiviral film making them more hygienic too.

Long-term effectiveness

Once applied and for as long as it remains undamaged, our film will remain active over several weeks, preventing the growth and thus spread of many pathogens.


How to apply the film?

As long as you know how, it is very easy to apply our film.
Watch our tutorial where our experts provide you with valuable tips and tricks devised over almost 50 years of experience with films. This will ensure you quickly and successfully apply our film without any creases or bubbles for guaranteed results, on any surface.  Alongside the 3 application methods there are also 3 tools, from a professional blade to a DIY roller plus lots of application examples to render surfaces sanitized.

Immediate effect

Reduces the number of SARS-CoV-2 viruses by 98% – confirmed in accordance with ISO standards

As soon as our film comes into contact with pathogens our silver ion technology comes into effect, reducing the number of a multitude of viruses and bacteria present on any surface. This effectiveness has been confirmed by external laboratories. Even after just 15 minutes the number of SARS-CoV-2 viruses on a surface are visibly reduced. After 30 minutes, by no less than 90% (in accordance with ISO Standard 21702:2019). Its antibacterial effect in particular on common bacterial strains such as E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus has also been confirmed by external laboratories in accordance with ISO Standard 22196:2011.

Protects smooth and uneven areas

Whether a table or banister, armrest or control panels, our films can be custom made to fit the most varied of surfaces whilst at the same time leaving no residue when they are removed.

For operating and touch displays

Whether a coffee machine or microwave in a workplace kitchen, a printer in an office,  electronic clocking in machine in a factory or a self-service ordering displays in a restaurant – antiviral films will protects displays without limiting their function.

Discover our product range now!

Whether standardised in a practical dispenser box or as part of existing film solutions  
we can provide you with antiviral protection to suit your needs.

Can be applied to just about any surface

Whether on door handles, conference tables, coffee machines, machinery touch displays, fitness equipment or even integrated into existing product and packaging solutions, our antiviral films offer solutions to traders and manufacturers as well as offices and in the public sector.  Everyone benefits if employees, customers and partners are better protected by hygienic surfaces.

Reopening checklist

Whether restaurants, small local shops or retailers, many self-employed business owners are eagerly waiting to be able to reopen. Below are some suggestions of other

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