Antiviral Films

One solution. A multitude of variations. For every type of application.

A format to suit every user.

Our antiviral film is available to private users and small businesses in a handy dispenser box with an integrated cutting system as standard. This way, you can remove just the right amount of film and store the rest protected against dust and dirt until its next use. Available in widths of 10 cm | 30 cm | 50 cm in batches of 25 linear metres each.

We can supply large customers with customised dimensions and private label branding, too. Interested? Send us your enquiry now!

2 Formats One effect.

Type 1: self-adhesive for smooth surfaces.
Type 2: self-adhesive for textured, constantly used surfaces.

Residue-free removal

In Type 1 as a result of the co-extrusion process applied the adhesive is fully integrated and cannot transfer. The result: Residue-free removal.

Environmentally friendly

The polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials are groundwater neutral and recyclable. Properly disposed of, our film can form part of the recovered substance cycle. Also available made from recycled material on request.

Also available: smaller handy size stretch film.

Smaller handy size stretch film roll complete with dispenser to wrap smaller areas such as armrests and door handles or to bundle products together.

Customized or part of an
existing solution.

From bin bags to product packaging and labels –antiviral films support hygiene anywhere.

There is not just one antiviral film type. There is  one antiviral film especially for you, adapted to meet your requirements.  The unique thing about POLIFILM’s antiviral films is that the active principle can be transferred to the most diverse of film types. How about antibacterial bin bags and disposal bags for masks, or antiviral pallet stretch film? We would be happy to discuss with you how you can integrate our antiviral film into your product packaging, including the
PoS as well.

Safer online deliveries and logistics

Sanitized surfaces for safer hygiene solutions

These days there is hardly anything which you cannot order online. During the pandemic in particular, online ordering and delivery has become the preferred method reducing contact. Here too, POLIFILM’s solutions can help make things safer whether in the form of air cushions, as an outside layer and hence integral component of jiffy bags or in the form of labels on packages, antiviral films reduce the number of a multitude of viruses and bacteria on goods for that are shipped and delivered too.

Do you have any questions?

We will be pleased to answer them! Send us a message – We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Can be applied to just about any surface

Whether on door handles, conference tables, coffee machines, machinery touch displays, fitness equipment or even integrated into existing product and packaging solutions, our antiviral films offer solutions to traders and manufacturers as well as offices and in the public sector.  Everyone benefits if employees, customers and partners are better protected by hygienic surfaces.