Overview of applications according to industry and area of application

Tables and door handles aren’t the only contact surfaces that need protection! Here is a selection of potential uses and areas of application

  • Tables, counters, work surfaces
  • Book covers, menus, laminated work instructions
  • Door handles, switches, hand rails, handles, lift buttons
  • Equipment displays, office, kitchen and canteen equipment
  • Shopping trolleys and baskets
  • Taps, light switches
  • Display items
  • And many more…

Which industries are the antiviral solutions designed for?

Almost every industry can benefit from fewer pathogens on surfaces. Here is a selection:

  • Hospitality, catering, tourism and the events industry, including casinos and amusement arcades
  • Health and fitness industry, from sports clubs to fitness studios to massage studios, pharmacies and medical centres
  • (Food) retail and wholesale
  • Public facilities and buildings
  • Playschools, schools & training centres,
  • Manufacturing companies and administrative bodies
  • Transport companies, airports and train stations
  • Car dealerships and workshops
  • Cleaning service providers
  • And many more…

Into which products can the antiviral films be incorporated

Bin liners, bags, produce bags, bags for disposal of PPE such as used facemasks, incorporation in product packaging, packaging material for shipping, e.g. air cushioning, envelopes, labels

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