Protection for the return to the office

Many companies are getting their staff to return to the office after the recent lockdowns. In order to keep your staff and business partners as safe as possible, both physically and psychologically, bear in mind the following points:

  • Communication is key! Inform your employees about your protective measures BEFORE they return to the office. Explain your current rules and your approach to office hygiene in detail.
    Sending your staff a personal “welcome back” note is a nice way to express your appreciation for their return and presence in the office. 
  • Gradual return. Especially when lack of space makes it difficult to follow safe distancing rules, it can make sense to start off by rotating groups of staff instead of bringing the entire workforce back at once.
  • Create space – not just literally. Staff members have different comfort levels relating to physical contact and proximity. Right from the start, create an open and trusting environment in which everyone is free to express how “safe” they feel. One person may feel fine in a situation that is currently too much for another. Cue: Dispense with masks outdoors whilst maintaining safe distances.
  • Sufficient visible disinfectants & hygienic supplies. Detergents and disinfectant dispensers should be highly visible and accessible to everyone. Regular checks are essential here. In addition, commonly used areas and items such as door handles, conference tables, shared desks, touch displays and coffee machines can be protected with antiviral films. These will reduce many pathogens inbetween cleaning. Here is a shopping list for your office managers.

Remember to comply with basic occupational health and safety rules and regulations in your country.

Did you know?

Antiviral films help reduce  a large number of pathogens and support you and your employees in better protecting yourself against other (smear) infections. Get an overview of the film solution’s effectiveness against pathogens.