Reopening checklist

Whether restaurants, small local shops or retailers, many self-employed business owners are eagerly waiting to be able to reopen. Below are some suggestions of other things to consider in addition to an appropriate hygiene strategy for a successful reopening.

  • Review product offering – whether you have a menu, shop window or portfolio, think critically whether your offering needs to be adjusted, either in terms of the selection of products or their pricing. 
  • Create opportunities to record contact details – how can you digitalise the process of recording contact data as much as possible? In the meantime, there are various solutions from online forms to convenient QR code check in systems.
  • Pre-selling – can the reopening date be anticipated? Then start pre-selling whether by advertising reservation options or products that spark customers’ desire to eat out at a restaurant or enjoy the shopping experience. Sometimes just announcing bestsellers or new arrivals is enough.
  • Review and adopt – perhaps the crisis made your business more creative. Review which products proved successful during the pandemic and are worth adopting permanently. That could be anything from a delivery service to click-and-collect. Perhaps you can continue selling selected products for your guests to enjoy at home.
  • Communication. Loyalty. Trust. Stay in your customers’ minds. Refresh your online presence. Post behind the scenes stories about your products and hygiene measures. Show your guests that you are ready for reopening for example by using antiviral films which complement your hygiene strategy and demonstrably reduce pathogens on contact surfaces.

Still looking for the right solution to perfect your hygiene strategy?