Reopening of fitness studios and sports clubs

Antiviral films offer improved hygiene and better protection during exercise

  • Increased hygiene strategies for successful reopening
  • Hygienic surfaces for staff and members in gyms, studios and sports clubs 
  • When disinfection is sometimes not enough
  • Eligible for Bridging Assistance III funding

Whilst the first week of gym closures was torture for most fitness junkies, as we approach a full year of closures even recreational athletes are missing classes and the gym. After all, despite outdoor sporting activities, on-line programmes and the home workout trend, exercise enthusiasts still miss training in a professional environment and with like minded company. This is also confirmed by the study “Key Data on the German Fitness Economy 2021” published jointly by the German Health and Fitness Facilities Employers’ Association (DSSV, e.V.), the auditing and consulting firm Deloitte and the German University of Applied Sciences in Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG). The study makes it clear that the non-gym/health club options are not viable alternatives (read more about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the health and fitness industry (

Besides expensive renovations and existing measures such as access restrictions, what else can studio owners and club managers do to optimise hygiene strategies and send another signal of their support for the urgent reopening of their facilities?
One opportunity is to optimise the existing hygiene approaches in the health and fitness industry. As well as more frequent cleaning of contact surfaces that are often forgotten about can also be protected by antibacterial and antiviral film solutions. This helps to keep the level of pathogens low on the common communal surfaces which many members touch. These include:

  • fitness equipment itself,
  • touch screens on water and drinks dispensers,
  • locker doors in the changing rooms
  • reception desks/screens

Why the disinfection alone of sports equipment is often not enough
Regular cleaning and disinfection is both important and essential but it has its pitfalls if not done correctly. For example, its effectiveness may be reduced if the staff or workers don’t correctly follow the instructions regarding the concentration and application time for the disinfectant. The treadmill might be given just a quick wipe down before or after a session just as the controls on the water dispenser are rarely cleaned after every use. Antiviral films can help here by reducing the concentration of a multitude of viruses, bacteria and fungi during the time inbetween cleaning schedules. This can reduce levels of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus on surfaces by more than 98%* (read more here).

Furthermore, these self-adhesive films are quick and easy to apply and can remain on the surface for up to one month without losing their effectiveness and without needing to be replaced.

Additional benefits give a competitive marketing edge
Along with improved hygiene in your gym or club these films also offer owners and operators of sports facilities an additional marketing opportunity and communication advantage: they demonstrate a well thought out and thorough hygiene strategy which by protecting surfaces can also reduce the risk of infection for staff and customers alike. After all, fitness is also one aspect of healthcare.