Antiviral Films

Surface protection for trade, industry, public sector and private users

Better hygiene. Better protection. For employees, customers and you.

The more hygienic a surface, the fewer viruses and bacteria it can spread. This is exactly where our antiviral films come in, providing a variety of benefits depending on the user and where they are used. One thing is for certain though during a pandemic and beyond, everybody benefits from fewer germs. Retailers, caterers, event promoters can optimise their hygiene routines in preparation for post-lockdown re-opening; companies can provide their employees with a safer, more hygienic working environment from the factory floor to office workspace; hotels and tourism operators can convey a sense of safety to their guests; and cleaners and cleaning companies can provide a more extensive service and product range.

Contact areas that attract pathogens are everywhere

Anywhere people meet and come into contact, they automatically touch and use the same objects and surfaces. Antiviral films protect all those areas which are not always obvious bridging the gap in hygiene routines.

Work environment – can be used in both administrative and factory settings

Whether a desk or a machine, staff room or changing room – our antiviral films reduce pathogens on a variety of surfaces that you find in a work environment both industrial or administrative, because our antiviral protection isn’t just a hygiene concept that’s limited to the retail sector.

Protection for the Self-employed, small businesses and private individuals

Thanks to our handy dispenser box this antiviral solution can be cut to size and used on surfaces such as staircase handrails, sales counters or payment card readers.

Antiviral films as a stand-alone product or supplementary service

These films can not only be used to enhance your own hygiene routines but cleaning firms and cleaners for example can offer the application of these antiviral films as an additional service or an expansion to their product range.

Make protection part of your service

Show your customers and partners that you care 

When you apply antiviral films to protect against a variety of viruses and bacteria on your surfaces and equipment, you demonstrate to your customers and partners that you care and their health and safety is also your priority. This helps to create trust and provides you with a competitive edge.  Further information and templates to help you communicate the benefits of these antiviral solutions can be found here.

Individual solutions

You have great plans and need more than just a few rolls of film, or would like to transfer the film’s  active principle to another film solution? No problem. We can customise our antiviral films to meet your needs.

Help to promote your business.

Increased hygiene means more protection, which in turn provides a sense of safety – whether during business meetings, whilst visiting a restaurant or whilst shopping. Promote your use of antiviral films and this sense of safety they provide to your customers and partners.

How to apply the film?

As long as you know how, it is very easy to apply our film. Watch our tutorial where our experts provide you with valuable tips and tricks devised over almost 50 years of experience with films. This will ensure you quickly and successfully apply our film without any creases or bubbles for guaranteed results, on any surface. Alongside the 3 application methods there are also 3 tools, from a professional blade to a DIY roller plus lots of application examples to render surfaces sanitized.

Can be applied to just about any surface

Whether on door handles, conference tables, coffee machines, machinery touch displays, fitness equipment or even integrated into existing product and packaging solutions, our antiviral films offer solutions to traders and manufacturers as well as offices and in the public sector.  Everyone benefits if employees, customers and partners are better protected by hygienic surfaces.

Also for private and small business use

Increased hygiene. Improved protection. Available for order immediately.

You only require a small quantity of film? No problem. Have a look at our shop partner Order with just a few clicks, and receive your antiviral films by contactless delivery.

Do you have any questions?

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